Rules of good conduct

The CTS aims to provide its customers with a high-quality transportation service at good value. Because fraud and vandalism penalize all users, it has drawn up a set of rules of good conduct, in line with the general regulations of the transport police. They aim to increase the safety, comfort and tranquillity of all the passengers, whilst respecting both people and property.

Ticket validation

All passengers over the age of 4 must have a validated ticket or season ticket. The ticket must be validated each time the holder enters a tram or bus, including connections.

Fines for non-payment of fares

Passengers without a valid ticket are subject to an on-the-spot fine. If they cannot pay immediately, a ticket will be drawn up and an administrative charge will be added to the fine.

Reserved seats

All passengers are invited to give up their seat to passengers with a card marked "station debout pénible" (unable to stand), elderly passengers, pregnant mothers and people accompanied by children under the age of 4.


Strollers must be parked in the area set aside for wheelchairs (which have priority) when it is free. The driver may refuse access to strollers if he considers it will inconvenience other passengers or cause a risk of accident.


Animals are banned from buses and tram except for small pets carried in a basket or guide dogs for the blind or other disabled passengers.

Video cameras

For safety and security reasons, video cameras record images relating to offences committed on the network (law of 21 October 1995, decree of 17 October 1996). Everyone has the right to ask the CTS for access to any information concerning him/her and, where applicable, a right of rectification.

Smoking ban

As in all public places, smoking is banned on buses and trams subject to a fixed fine of €68.00 or legal action. The use of electronic cigarettes is not permitted on buses and trams. Get help to stop smoking by calling 0 825 309 310 (€0.15/min "Tabac Info Service") (decree no. 2006-1386 of 15 November 2006 fixing the conditions of application of the ban on smoking in public places).

Audio devices

Make sure you are not bothering other passengers by using an MP3 player, mobile phone or any other noise-emitting device.

Voluminous objects and hazardous substances

It is forbidden to bring voluminous objects and hazardous substances on buses and trams.

Vehicle cleanliness

In order to keep vehicles clean and in good condition, it is forbidden to eat or put your feet on the seats.

Bikes, roller skates, scooters

Bikes are not allowed on buses and are only permitted on trams from Monday to Saturday outside peak hours 7 to 9am and 5 to 7pm and on Sundays and public holidays all day. Boarding is only at the back of the tram, and is at the bike owner's own risk. It is forbidden to use skateboards, scooters or roller skates inside buses and trams as well as any motorised vehicle, whether thermal or electric.


Wheelchairs are allowed in the areas specially set aside, where they have priority. Zimmer frames and roller walking frames are also allowed on buses and trams. Scooters used by people with reduced mobility, however, are not allowed.








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